Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel Training in the 8KCAB Decathlon (150HP Fixed Pitch)

Getting Started

A Tail Wheel Endorsement (TW) will let you fly aircraft with a tail wheel instead of a tricycle undercarriage. You will achieve a far greater awareness of Centre of Gravity, slide-slipping and crosswind take-offs and landings, what those foot rests are really for and let’s face it, flying a taildragger is just great fun! The tailwheel endorsement is an excellent introduction to aerobatic flying as most aerobatic aircraft are taildraggers.

Tailwheel Program
  • Part 61 MOS Syllabus
  • Competency based
  • Passionate & Experienced
  • Instructor CASA Approved
  • American Champion Aircraft
  • We do not cut corners on our training.
  • In order to meet the Part 61 Competencies, you will be proficient at 3 Point and Wheeler landings including Cross Winds and Short-Field Techniques
  • Enjoy grass runways, No landing fees, No CTA Training at YCAB. Contact – Paul Strike 0412 970 855 or paul@flyingsigns.com.au
  • We can come to you by appointment.