GA to RAAus

Conversion to a RAAus RPC can be made from Australian or overseas pilot licences, including conversions from other sport organisations including HGFA, ASRA & GFA.

  • Be a financial member of Recreational Aviation Australia
  • Meet the minimum flight experience requirements for the issue of a RAAus RPC
  • Complete a minimum of 5 hours flight time, which includes
    1 hour PIC, in an RAAus registered aircraft, or we will recognise previous experience if you have already completed 5 hours flight time, including 1 hour PIC in an aircraft capable of being registered with RAAus (<600KG MTOW).
  • Complete the RAAus converting pilot exam with a pass mark of 80%
  • Complete a flight review with the CFI

RAAus to RPL


Upgrade to a RPL allows you to carry additional passengers providing you hold a Class 2 medical.
Aircraft with a MTOW (maximum take-off weight) to 1,500 kg.
Additional theory training required to fly into controlled airspace (radio licence).
Minimum flight time – 25 hours total that includes 20 hrs dual & 5 hrs solo.
Complete an English proficiency assessment.
Apply for an ASIC or an AVID card.
Forms 61-9RA, 61-9PIC, 61ELP from the CASA website (your instructor can help with these)
Cost varies with each school and aircraft.