Formation Flying is Fun !!!

We offer Formation Flying Endorsements in a professional, fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We fly regularly around Bribie Island and the stunning Glasshouse Mountains. We cater for a broad range of experience levels with our Decathlon and Scout aircraft.

CASA Part 61 Formation Flying (A) Flight Activity Training Course details:

Duration:  2 days 

The expected minimum time to achieve the required standard is 5 flight hours per participant and is dependent upon your individual experience and skill.

Cost:  $3395.55 + GST each participant ($3735.05 minimum price)

This cost is based on 2 participants and includes the following,

  • 2 full days of formation flying training
  • 5 hours of aircraft and instructor hire
  • All long ground briefings
  • All pre and post flight briefings
  • BBQ Lunch each day

Extra training required beyond the 2 days/5 hours will be billed at a standard rate of $349/hour plus GST.

Location:  Caboolture airfield