Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Contrary to belief, Upset prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) is NOT Aerobatics. In fact, apart from spins there are no aerobatic manoeuvres performed at all during the training. (Well ... we might have a little bit of fun after the training is completed).

The purpose of the training is to educate pilots what they need to do should their aircraft’s state be outside pre-determined "Normal" flight regimes. This is technically referred to as a "Loss of Control In-Flight" or "LOCi".

LOCi started before the Wright Brothers first flight on the sand dunes of Kittyhawk and remains today the greatest killer of pilots and passengers across ALL types of aviation including heavy passenger jets. The skills and knowledge you will obtain from this training will enhance your understanding of the aircraft and how it moves through the air and most importantly, give you the skills to be able to recover the aircraft from any attitude.