About Us

Karen and Paul love sharing our passion of aviation and the joy of flight.

This is why we started Strike Aviation. We instruct because we WANT to…not because we HAVE to.

Recreational Pilot Training

Learning to fly is an exciting journey.    From your trial instruction flight to your first solo, passing your theory exams, learning to navigate through the air, gaining your pilots certificate and then taking a friend or loved one with you for the first time and sharing your passion with them.

Recreational Aviation is all about Safe, Accessible, Fun and Enjoyable Aviation.

It takes time and dedication, but being able to pilot a recreational aircraft all over Australia makes it all worth it!

The journey

Getting Started

On your very first flight you will take the controls and learn about the effects of those controls. (Don’t worry, all training aircraft have dual controls so the instructor can help you out) You will gain a good understanding of what the engine, ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps do and how each also influences the other.

From there you will go on to a number of exercises in the training area: learning to keep the aircraft straight and level, climb and descent, normal and steep turns and some emergency procedures. One lesson is spent on each of these, but as you are flying the aircraft all the time, the others will come into play in all lessons too; you can’t get to the training area for straight and level practice without making a few turns!

Then it is time to hit the circuit. the pattern aircraft fly around the airfield on take-off, approach and landing. These are often called ‘touch and goes’ literally going around in close proximity to the airfield practising and perfecting all your new skills.
And after you reach a good enough standard and can consistently land the aircraft unassisted by your instructor, it is time for… Your first solo!