The most asked question is: ‘how much does it cost to learn to fly?’ but there is no easy answer.    Aviation is expensive, however our aviation regulatory structure offers a few different ways to achieve your aviation goals and our industry experienced staff are more than happy to sit with you over a coffee to recommend what may be the best avenue for you to achieve your dreams.

It is important to understand that as a pilot, your training will never end, so it is imperative that you dedicate yout time, money and efforts into the path that leads you to where you want to be, safely and efficiently.   Good pilots will always be looking to improve their skills and maintain those skills to ensure they are safe, competent and current.

It’s hard to say what your cost will be as everyone takes different amounts of time to learn.   A good rule of thumb is that if you can spare half a day every other week for a year to fly an hour or two, you’ll have your recreational pilots certificate with cross-country endorsement within that year, in anywhere from 40 to 60 flying hours. You do the math!

It’s also important to consider that if your lessons are closer together, you will progress quicker. Some people have been known to dedicate their time and finish in a month!



Tecnam P92 ECHO

$ 220/Hr (Dual)
$ 180/Hr (Solo/Private Hire)
$  40/Hr (Ground Briefings)


Should you wish to progress to General Aviation, we can assist in your transition.   
Your RAAus training with us is at the same high standard as delivered in GA and your hours count 1 for 1.   Come chat with us to discuss your needs.


8KCAB Decathlon
    Dual $383.90/hr      Solo $328.90/hr #

8GCBC Scout           Dual $418.00/hr      Solo $363.00/hr *
* Minimum 25 hrs Tailwheel Experience   # Minimum  10Hrs Tailwheel Experience